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An engagement ring is a ring indicating that the person wearing it is engaged to be married, especially in Western cultures, says Wikipedia. Wedding and engagement rings are available in a wide range of materials and styles in Brisbane. When searching for engagement rings, you will need to shop or at least pre-shop as a couple so that you may have an idea of the taste of your partner. One of the most important factors that you will need to consider when shopping for rings is your lifestyle. Price is also an important factor as you will need to buy a ring that is within your budget.


You can opt for any stone when shopping for unique engagement rings in Brisbane Jewellers as there is a wide range of stones that you can choose from such as sapphire, emerald, topaz or ruby. However, diamond is the most popular type of stone.

Argyle Jewellers Diamond Rings

Choosing diamond

Diamond is, without doubt, the hardest and transparent product ever found on earth. It is over 100 times harder than sapphire or ruby. Wikipedia has an explanation on how diamond works well. The fact that the stone is light and durable has made it a darling for many couples. If you are shopping for a diamond promise ring, four key factors are worth considering. These are usually defined as the 4C’s which stands for colour, cut, carat weight and clarity.



The proportion and cut of a diamond affect its brilliance. This is the reason why the cut is an essential factor regarding the beauty of a diamond. Every facet acts as a mirror that dispenses light, and this means that the more facets the diamond have, the greater the level of its beauty. For instance, the new brilliant -cut diamond rings have 58 facets, and this makes them more brilliant as compared to the other shapes. However, it is worth noting that cut is something different from the shape.

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Colors are usually graded from letter D (which is colourless) to letter Z(which stands for a colour that is more yellow). Diamonds are usually found in nearly every shade and colour such as blue, pink, yellow, lavender, green yellow, red and black. If you are searching for an antique style proposal rings, you should consider the coloured diamonds.



Inclusion is a term that is used to define the little imperfections such as dark spots, whitish dots, and small cracks. Any visible flaws on the ring are termed as blemishes. In general, the fewer the blemishes and inclusions, the more brilliant and clearer the diamond engagement ring will be. However, it will also be more expensive. When a diamond is termed as flawless, it has not internal imperfections or surface characteristics. An internally flawless ring means that it has some minor external blemishes which can be polished away by a jeweller.


Carat weight

Diamonds sizes are usually measured in accordance to their carats. Each carat has 100 points. This means that when a jeweller tells you that a stone weight 50 points, it means that it has carat. Even though the size is important, it will not mean anything without considering clarity, colour, and cut. If you are shopping for engagement rings Brisbane, you should contact a store that is well reputed and has been in the business for a long period.

Argyle Jewellers Engagement Diamonds

In conclusion, it brings us to the question of how Argyle Jewellers creates beautiful engagement rings. This is because the above given qualities are well taken care of. Color weight and even purity are important aspects for engagement rings and this reason, Argyle Jewellers Brisbane takes a look at these aspects making them the best.


Repair services

It is not every jeweller who will decide to do all the services for you including repair services especially when the job is huge and complex. However for us to provide best services and ensure that our engagement rings brisbane is the most beautiful, we offer to give repair services.


Custom design

It is true that we can design an engagement ring according to what our client want. However much specific you will be, our highly trained professionals will work to meet your specifications. We can also remodel any existing engagement ring to bring a new model according to your specifications


We offer valuation and also insurance

one of the things that make us the best jewellers is that we do not only make engagement rings but we also protect it against deterioration and loss.this is so because we offer same day valuation and also there is insurance offered for replacements.